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EnergyWeek gathers every year the energy enthusiasts from all over the world to share information, hear about the latest news and most interesting cases, widen their network and do business. The week is full of exiting events, consisting of seminars, exhibitions and other occasions. Most of the events are held in English and are free of charge to attend.

EnergyWeek will be held again 18th to 22nd of March 2019!

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Schedule of EnergyWeek 2018

March 19
March 20
March 21
March 22
March 23

Other events

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Contacts, Cases and Credit

What is EnergyWeek all about?

EnergyWeek 2018 gave a fresh look at the most exiting topics in the energy sector. Themes for the week were sustainable energy, energy storage and digitalization. Also many other important and interesting topics were covered.

Most of all, we offered a wide selection of hottest cases within energy sector. The most interesting energy case of the year was rewarded!

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EnergyWeek 2017

EnergyWeek took place on 20th to 24th of March 2017

Year 2017 EnergyWeek was bigger than ever before! Over 4100 visitors took part in the exhibitions and seminars and the whole week was full of energy. As always, EnergyWeek was all about contacts and networking, we were and will be the place where the energy experts meet and share information.

Program 2017 (pdf)

EnergyWeek 2017 (Video)

Energy Business Forum 2017 (video)

Vuoden energiatapahtuma

EnergyWeek kokoaa Vaasaan energia-alan osaajat, vaikuttajat ja päättäjät

EnergyWeek on viikko täynnä tapahtumia, jotka käsittelevät päivänpolttavia aiheita energian varastoinnista, uusiutuvasta energiasta, energiatehokkuudesta, älykkäistä sähköverkoista jne. Mikäli olet kiinnostunut energia-alasta, tarjoaa viikko sinulle valtavasti uutta tietoa, inspiraatiota ja ennen kaikkea arvokkaita kontakteja. Tervetuloa Vaasaan!


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University of Helsinki, Vaasa unit of legal studies, Home page

Enterprise Europe Network, Home page

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Viexpo, Home page

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