Etha Wind Oy Ab

Frilundsvägen 2,65170 Vasa

Our services include Wind Farm Design, Resource Evaluation, Permitting Services, Procurement Services, Owners Engineers, Transaction Support and Operational Supervision Services.

Etha Wind Oy and our mother company Etha Oy have been involved in wind, environmental and energy related projects since 2003. We are driven by implementing sustainable and well planned projects. The basis for our business is that we as engineers and business people are capable to support futureproof, sustainable development at a completely different level than what traditional environmentalists can do. Our business idea is based on the assumption that the best way to leave a positive environmental footprint is to focus on environmental projects where the commercial benefits can be clearly identified.

Our senior consultants possess 20+ years of energy industry experience and we have worked both internationally and in Finland with more than 5000 MW of wind studies and wind project involvement.