U.S. Energy Market

Wednesday 13 March

Music Hall

The past years there have been a lot of changes in the global energy market. In this seminar we want to provide an update on the US energy market and how they play a vital role in battling the global challenges that we face today.

We also see that the battle for global investments have increased, and the US is through their own IRA (Inflations Reduction Act), promoting investments into domestic energy production and clean energy.

We want to give the audience an overview of the different types of US energy markets, how they are regulated, and implications for the future given ongoing changes in the energy sector. Let’s join forces to tackle the pressing global challenges that lie before us. How can we create a powerful partnership for positive change?

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U.S. Energy Market




Moderated by Jarkko Surakka

Managing Director, Epinova Oy
Chief Executive Officer
CTO & Member of European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

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Kristian Schrey
Triinu Varblane
NordicHub Manager / Export Advisor