The Research Exhibition of Energy

What is the latest in energy related academic research in the Vaasa region? Find out at the Research Exhibition of Energy!

University of Vaasa cooperates with companies, communities and other universities as well as research institutions. The forms of research cooperation can be, for example, commonly funded research projects or research which has been commissioned. Research cooperation in the university is done in the academic schools, the research platforms, the research groups, the affiliated institutions as well as by individual researchers.

The exhibition is free for visitors and brought to you by the research platforms of University of Vaasa; Digital Economy, VEBIC and InnoLab. Welcome!

Art Hall (Vaasa City Hall)
Senaatinkatu 1, behind Vaasa City Hall
Wednesday 22 March
09:30 - 12:00
Free of charge


Name Platform/Research Group Title of the poster
Katriina Sirviö / Huaying Wang-Alho / Michaela Hissa Renewable energy Towards Zero Emissions – New Fuel Blends For Advanced Combustion Technologies
Bahaa Eltahawy DigiEco Cybersecurity in Smart Grids – Education roadmap strategy
Ahm Shamsuzzoha et al. DigiEco GREENOVET- European VET Excellence Platform for Green Innovation
Mona Enell-Nilsson & RIPEET project team members Marketing RIPEET – Responsible Research and Innovation Policy Experimentations for Energy Transition.
Mona Enell-Nilsson / OpenInnoTrain Members Marketing H2020 project OpenInnoTrain
Khuram Shahzad et al Marketing Erasmus+ project EntRENEW
Xiaoguo Storm / Aneesh Vasudev / Amir-Mohammad Shamekhi Energy technology Predictive Modelling Toolchain Development for Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition Marine Engines
Jouni Juntunen & HOCLOOP team members InnoLab Hocloop poster
Shah Rukh Shakeel Marketing and consumption research IRIS smart city project
Antti Mäenpää / Mikko Karhu Administrative sciences Kurkistus sähkölentämiseen ja FAIR-hankkeeseen pienoismallin avulla
Petri Helo / Bening Mayanti Industrial Management Life-cycle analysis
Cem Özcan DigiEco Increasing Transparency in ESG Reporting: Satellite Data Enhanced Sustainability Evaluation
Bahaa Eltahawy / Duong Dang DigiEco Assessment of Cyberprivacy Based on GDPR and ISO/IEC 27701
Mike Mekkanen Computing science 1-Develop a Cyber Physical Security Platform for Supporting Security Countermeasure for Digital Energy System

2-Intelligent Micro Grid Controller Development for Hardware-in-the-loop Micro Grid Simulation Subject to Cyber-Attacks

Abol Basher / Jani Boutellier DigiEco DC-DFFN: Densely Connected Deep Feature Fusion Network with Sign Agnostic Learning for Implicit Shape Representation.

3D representation learning for object level reconstruction.


Maarit Mäkelä / Lauri Nyystilä / Carolin Nuortila and Seppo Niemi Energy technology Hydrogen solutions for a marine engine
Mikko Ranta / Cem Özcan/ Kendall Rutledge and Heidi Kuusnimei DigiEco Research project aims to develop tools for assessing company performance, both financial and ESG, using earth observation data
Tomi Salo DigiEco A Lightweight Private Blockchain based secure communication architecture for Internet of Things in the Context of Smart City
Akpo Siemuri / Kannan Selvan DigiEco 1. Assessing a Machine Learning Approach  for LEO Satellite Orbit Prediction
– Focuses on orbit determination of the satellites using a machine learning (ML) approach. ML approach to LEO satellite orbit prediction has shown promising preliminary results. This motivate further studies in the application of ML in precise orbit determination (POD) estimation of LEO satellite.2. Hybrid GNSS/IMU/UWB Integration using  Factor Graph Optimization
– Presents the use of Factor graphs as an advanced sensor fusion algorithm for GNSS-IMU integration. FGO makes use of multiple iterations during position calculation to achieve a robust estimation
Petri Välisuo /Jerker Björkvist / John Dahlbacka / Ghodrat Moghadampour DigiEco, NOVIA, VAMK WSTAR: Wasa zero emission data centre
Petri Välisuo DigiEco 5G Hub Vaasa

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Organised by University of Vaasa, research platforms Digital Economy, VEBIC and InnoLab

Our multidisciplinary research platforms combine our strong disciplinary knowledge with prevailing global trends. They are also an integral tool in the transformation and renewal of the University’s operations. We utilize them to advance multi-, cross- and inter-disciplinary research to help address the complex challenges facing our society. In addition to finding solutions to complex problems, our research findings also give rise to new theoretical frameworks, new scientific thinking or new areas of scientific enquiry. Digital Economy examines the innovations made possible by new technologies and their impact on individuals, organizations, industry and society as a whole from the perspective of different sciences. Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Center VEBIC strives to meet the global needs of energy production, energy business and sustainable social development. Innovation and Entrepreneurship, InnoLab explores open innovation, user innovation, public sector reform and entrepreneurship.

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