The Research Exhibition of Energy and After Work

Wednesday 13 March

Art Hall

Free of charge

What is the latest in energy related academic research in the Vaasa region? Find out at the Research Exhibition of Energy!

University of Vaasa cooperates with companies, communities and other universities as well as research institutions. The forms of research cooperation can be, for example, commonly funded research projects or research which has been commissioned. Research cooperation in the university is done in the academic schools, the research platforms, the research groups, the affiliated institutions as well as by individual researchers.

Two awards will also be announced: the University of Vaasa Science Communication Award and the University of Vaasa Innovation Award.

The event consists of researchers disseminating their work and a small after work with some drinks!

The exhibition is free for visitors and brought to you by the research platforms of University of Vaasa; Digital Economy, VEBIC and InnoLab. Welcome!

List of Posters

Name Posters
Michael Söderback Silent Engine
Touraj Hashempour Analyzing the Noise from the Engine Exhaust ducts
Rakibul Hasan AI and New Space Economy
Cem Özcan On the Use of Satellite Observations for Corporate ESG Verification
Abol Basher Application of implicit neural representation learning
Mahmoud Elsanhoury Resource Management and Optimization via UWB/IMU Indoor Localization
Mona Enell-Nilsson Responsible research and Innovation Policy Experimentations for Energy Transition – RIPEET
Khuram Shahzad Geothermal energy – HOCLOOP
Tauno Kekäle / Joel Länsimäki OpenInnoTrain – open innovation in the field of CleanTech
Tommi Lehtonen Energy transition from the perspective of social justice
Sniazhana Diduc /Ausrine Silenskyte Strengthening Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in SME Management and Education (DEI4SME project)
Rayko Toshev DigiLab – VR Digital twin of buildings with real time temperature, humidity and lighting visualization
Jouni Juntunen DigiDecarbon project posters
Leena Kunttu KvarkenData project poster presentation
Elina Huculak ORBITing Innovation: Geospatial Solutions for a Sustainable Energy Future
Petra Berg /Bahaa Eltahawy Cyber security and energy transition – REDISET
Rebekah Rousi Human-centric energy future – the VME ecosystem
Luca Ferranti FuzzyLogic.jl: open source library for fuzzy logic
Milla Hannula DigiBiogasHubs-project poster
Nebiyu Girgibo LEAP-RE (WP 14) progress poster
Petri Välisuo WSTAR
Lauri Nyystilä The process of building a hydrogen storage in Finland
Zengquan Zheng, Amir-Mohammad Shamekhi,Maciej Mikulski Engine Noise Source Identification using Advanced Signal Processing Methods for Noise based Control and Fault Diagnosis


Rathan Kumar Alagirisamy
Project Manager – Digital Economy & Kvarken Space Center
Sara Nyyssölä
Philipp Holtkamp
Senior Specialist, Innovations and Ecosystems