AI / XR for Super Productivity and Innovation Workshop in Energytech Sector

Wednesday 13 March

Art Hall

The community is organizing an intensive workshop focused on AI and XR future innovations for the energy sector. The workshop will involve brainstorming, discussing, and analyzing the following themes
individually and collectively among participants: We begin by XRush offering a quick look into XR and AI future trends.

The below questions will guide the work and discussion in our session.

  • What is the latest XR or AI related solution that your organisation has taken into use?
  • How predictive and creative AI is changing the energy sector this year?
  • What change will those AI tools create in the next five years?
  • What if the energy sector was filled with digital twins?
  • How would the energy sector operate in a fully virtual world, in the metaverse?
  • What assets and business models in the energy sector could be and are utilized in parallel industries, such as transportation and logistics, process industry, circular economy/environmental sector, finance, and mining?
  • What is the utopia and dystopia of the energy sector (considering forecasts of world politics and megatrends)?
  • How can the energy sector build an even stronger ecosystem and platform with the help of AI and the metaverse?
  • How can the accuracy of the most challenging forecast models in the energy sector be improved? E.g., weather forecasts, oil and gas price forecasts, predicting the development of new energy technologies, and forecasting environmental impacts?
  • AI and XR – What’s in it for the energy sector?

Creative AI can enhance the accuracy of challenging forecast models in the energy sector
by processing vast amounts of data, utilizing deep learning for trend identification, predicting
the effects of weather and environmental factors, monitoring technological developments,
and assessing risks in complex and changing market conditions. Additionally, creative AI can
efficiently produce mass-customized communication for customers and influencers,
influencing market behavior.

Virtualization and digital twins also provide productivity benefits, enabling better planning
and analysis, improved maintenance, enhanced energy efficiency, increased safety, support
for decision-making, easier integration with new technologies, optimized production and
supply chain, faster reaction to market changes, improved training and staff readiness, and
assistance in assessing and managing environmental impacts.

Continuous readiness for small productivity improvements is consistently found within a
company. What are the best steps to take a truly radical leap in productivity and innovation
with the help of AI & XR? How can we utilize the ecosystem to identify the best partners and
significantly enhance our current business with AI & XR, as well as create new business for
future market needs?

EnergySpin – Operations & Partnerships
Founder of
Founder, XRush AI

Hosted by

Oki Tåg

Founder of During the past 20 years Oki has built and ran 15+ incubation programs — such as Helsinki XR accelerator, mentored over 1500 entrepreneurs and ran 200+ different workshops from Finland to Saubi Arabia. He has been part of such organisations as Microsoft Flux and Spinno. Oki is actively serving Finnish AI and XR companies to grow on international markets.

Mikko Järvilehto

Founder of Mikko has organized 200+ global innovation challenges, revolving around AI, XR and digital innovations. His expertise in innovation management, business mentoring, and RDI projects is renowned, alongside his contributions to public procurement, market research, and new venture development. Järvilehto’s achievements include the re-inventing hackathon ‑concepts and innovative public procurement, marking him as a significant figure in the realms of technology and business innovation.

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