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Aparajit Pandey

Shipping Decarbonization Lead; Principal – Climate Aligned Industries, RMI

Aparajit Pandey (AP) is a Principal in RMI’s Climate Aligned Industries group, leading an 8-person shipping decarbonization initiative. He spearheads various workstreams, including implementing multiple U.S. and internationally based green shipping corridors, creating port fuel supply strategies for global bunkering ports, and designing a Book and Claim system for the maritime sector. Prior to joining RMI, Aparajit served as the Shipping Lead at the Energy Transitions Commission, where he led studies on green shipping corridors’ implementation and first-of-a-kind commercial-scale pilots for zero-emission shipping vessels. Beyond shipping decarbonization, he has worked on industrial decarbonization studies, including green hydrogen applications across multiple sectors and power decarbonization in the Australian and South African aluminum sectors. Aparajit also brings extensive experience in climate finance issues related to emerging and developing economies, having previously led the climate finance program for the Observer Research Foundation, a leading think tank in India. He holds a master’s degree in finance from Imperial College London and undergraduate degrees in accounting and decision science.