Come and listen to my speech and network with me during EnergyWeek 11-14 March 2024.

Paula Erkkilä


PhD Paula Erkkilä works as a CEO at Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce. For over two decades of work experience have shaped Erkkilä’s expertise in leadership, communication, marketing, as well as development and change in various forms. Her approach to work is proactive and result-oriented. Erkkilä is known for her energetic and positive approach when public speaking. 

She has extensive networks across various sectors of business and society and enjoys most when serving as a bridge between people and different stakeholders. Currently, there is a surge of investments in the western industrial zone, often referred to as the ‘investment tornado’. Historically significant investments are planned and set to be built. In order for all of these to be realized, the prerequisites must be in place: green energy, smooth permitting, infrastructure in all levels, transport connections, work force, and lastly, a cooperative attitude and business-minded approach are crucial.

With over 1,000 members the Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce includes all leading companies in the regions of Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia. Business members represent a variety of fields, e.g. industry, construction, trade, services, educational institutions, and administration. The Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to support the success of the export-driven region and its companies. This is achieved by strengthening the region’s appeal, retaining a talented workforce, ensuring good transport connections, and maintaining a functioning infrastructure.