Team Finland: Financing the Green Transition

Wednesday 13 March

Meeting Hall


Team Finland network (Ostrobothnian Centre for Economic Development, Transport and The Environment, Employment and Economic Development Office, Viexpo, Business Finland and Finnvera) organises Team Finland: speed up decarbonisation with finance and growth services -event for Energyweek Week (Vaasa City hall).

During this event, we will cover the following key areas:

  • Internationalisation: How businesses can take advantage of international markets and networks?
  • Business financing: What options are available for companies seeking funding? What kind of economic situation we are in in terms of exports?
  • Team Finland network: Explore the services and support provided by the Team Finland network for businesses.
  • Case Ukraine: Ukraine’s reconstruction needs and financing solutions that Finnish companies could use for market research, partner search, export financing and investment.


Team Finland: Financing the Green Transition

Host of the event
Producer | TE-live Ostrobothnia

Facing a Decline in Economic Growth and Exports – Is Panic Justified?

Once again, Europe is facing a downturn. Finland is not immune to this trend, with economic growth projected to remain subdued this year. At the same time, there’s a declining demand for Finnish products among several of our major trade partners, which include countries like Germany, Sweden, and China. The number of bankruptcies is on the rise, and private consumption has been hampered by the ECB’s interest rate hikes. However, is there cause for alarm? The severity of the downturn hinges critically on the timing and nature of the economy’s recovery. Will we see growth rebound within the year? What actions will the ECB take regarding its policy rates? Is Finland’s tightening fiscal policy a cause for concern? And what unique characteristics does the Finnish economy exhibit in this downturn?

Chief Economist

Team Finland service network and its benefits for a growing company

Get to know the services our network offers for the different stages of export and internationalisation.

Finance Manager | Finnvera Oyj
Senior Advisor | Viexpo
Team Finland – coordinator | Centre for Economic Development, Transport and The Environment
Account Lead, Energy, Process & Infra | Business Finland
Business Finland
Business Expert | Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
Service Manager | Employment services, Ostrobothnia

How can the Ministry for Foreign Affairs help companies with internationalisation

Senior Advisor for Trade Export Services
Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Company case

What does growth and internationalisation require? What kind of things must be taken into account? What kind of financing supports growth?

Marketing Director
Jukolux Oy

10 min. break

Case Ukraine for flexible energy infrastructure

Since Russian attack on Ukraine in February 2022, the country has suffered dramatically from destruction of critical infrastructure, including power plants, roads and hospitals. Millions of Ukrainians have lost their homes and fled elsewhere in the country or abroad. In addition to the lives lost and damaged properties, the environment has suffered from the aggression.

Finland is committed to support Ukraine not only by giving immediate assistance, but also by finding ways to reconstruct and modernise the country together with Ukrainians. As stated in Prime Minister Orpo’s Government Programme, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs together with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Ministry of Finance and business stakeholders have drawn up a plan for Finland’s participation in the reconstruction of Ukraine. The plan proposes financing solutions for Finnish companies’ market surveys, search for partners, export financing as well as investments.

We’ll look more closely at the opportunities for Finnish businesses presented by the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Opening words and introduction to the Reconstruction Service Path

Senior Advisor

Implementation priorities in Ukraine’s reconstruction

Country Advisor

Current State of Ukraine’s Power Sector: Needs, Stakeholders and partners

Managing Partner



Mirella Kivelä
Head of Communications | Centre for Economic Development, Transport and The Environment
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