Wednesday 23 March

Smart Energy

Smart Energy

Smart buildings — Smart cities — Smart grid
Wednesday 23 March 2022  |  9-17  |  Vaasa City hall

Set your coordinates for smarter urban planning, flexible energy infrastructure, and sustainable real estate development at the Smart Energy event!

The event provides a versatile overview of innovations and knowhow in building automation and technology. The theme day includes an exhibition, briefings, and seminars on current topics.

This year, the briefings and seminars focus on complex construction project alliances and the possibilities of digitalisation. The development of a more flexible energy infrastructure and overall energy efficiency are also hot topics.

In the Vaasa region, there are several smart building projects underway – the keywords being cooperation and visions for the future.

Vaasa takes part in the European Commission’s IRIS project (Integrat- ed and Replicable solutions for co-creation in Sustainable cities) in order to develop, test, and adopt ambitious energy, mobility, and ICT initiatives. The project is in tune with the city’s Carbon Neutral Vaasa 202X goals.

Cooperation within the construction industry is now being implement- ed widely through alliance contracting models. The H building of the Vaasa central hospital is soon completed by the Bothnia High5 alliance, and the renovation of the University of Vaasa campus has also got off to a good start.

The industrial investments in Vaasa are significant, too. The Wärtsilä Smart Energy Hub and the modern facilities of ABB have been commis- sioned, and the huge projects of GigaVaasa, Johnson Matthey, and Freyr Battery are in progress.

In addition to functional quality, all these projects aim at ensuring a cost-efficient building lifecycle and enabling the efficient introduction of future technologies.

Welcome to the most constructive event of the spring!