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Herkko Plit

Founder and CEO, P2X Solutions Oy

Herkko Plit is the founder and CEO of P2X Solutions Oy, a forerunner in the Finnish hydrogen and e-fuel industry. Plit leads P2X with his visionary attitude and actively participates in the creation of the Finnish and European hydrogen ecosystems in several forums.

Before establishing P2X Solutions, Plit has been in leading positions in companies like Baltic Connector, Fortum and TVO. Plit has also worked as the Deputy Director General at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Energy Department and in the European Commission. He is the Vice-Chair of the Finnish H2 Cluster and also preferred keynote speaker on many national and international energy conferences and company events.

P2X Solutions is a privately held Finnish company established in 2020 by world-class business developers and energy experts and, is producer and distributor of green hydrogen and e-fuels. Green hydrogen is produced by utilizing renewable energy and water. Green hydrogen and e-fuels are sold to industrial processes and transport. P2X’s first 20 MW green hydrogen plant will be operational this year.