Energy transition & cyber security

Tuesday 12 March

Meeting Hall

Once upon a time… there was a modern, digitalized society that was very dependent upon electricity, that needed to become resilient towards cyber threats very quickly… Here is how the story begins… 

 The Nordic energy system is transitioning towards full digitalization. In this panel session, we delve into pressing issues and heighten awareness of cyber security challenges arising from this shift.

Our objective is to identify and debate the current digitalization challenges that demand immediate attention. The focus is on bolstering the resilience and security of Nordic energy systems against cyber physical threats in this digital era.

The foundation of our discussion is built upon insights from the ongoing REDISET project. This project highlights the significance of a comprehensive, systemic approach to effectively address the diverse and complex cybersecurity challenges facing future energy systems.  

Meet the panelist who take a storytelling approach to energy transition and cyber security

To holistically understand the phenomenon of the rapid digitalization of energy systems, and especially how cyber security issues affect it, we chose to use a storytelling approach in this session to “paint a picture of how things might turn out”.  The storyline will cover several key domains which are considered crucial for maintaining the electricity system balance.

In this session, five multi-disciplinary experts covering industry, academia, defense, policy and law, bring their knowledge and perspectives to help us understand cyber security trends, threats and challenges faced by energy actors in the Nordic energy system.

Sonja Berjlin, consortium leader of REDISET, Business Development Manager at DNV, Professor at KTH

Olli Rajala, Security consultant, Huld Oy

Reino Virrankoski, Postdoctoral Researcher, Aalto University

Hertta Hytinantti, Lawyer, Bird&Bird Attorneys Ltd.

Ross Bailey, Senior Expert of Cyber Security, Wärtsilä

Vebic and the University of Vaasa REDISET team

Petra Berg
Postdoctoral Researcher
Linda Turtola
Project Researcher
Mazaher Karimi
Associate Professor
Bahaa Eltahawy
Project Researcher