Energy & Innovation Awards

We just love cases! Who will win the Oscar of energy technology?


  • BØthOfUs Ab: CO2CO2 Puff Pollution Map
  • Callio Pyhäjärvi: Pumped hydro energy storage in the Pyhäsalmi mine
  • Logset Oy: Hybrid technology in forest machines
  • Solixi: The clean energy system
  • Umeå Energi AB: Business model innovation
  • Virta: Virta Home electric vehicle home charging service
  • WE Tech & The Switch: Permanent magnet shaft generator
Art Hall (Vaasa City Hall)
Senaatinkatu 1, behind Vaasa City Hall
Tuesday 20 March

Free of charge



Opening of Energy & Innovation Awards

Hippi Hovi
CEO, Rannikko-Pohjanmaan Yrittäjät

Presenting the finalist cases

Announcement of the Audience's favorite case

Announcement of the winner of Energy & Innovation Awards

Interview of the winner

Hippi Hovi
CEO, Rannikko-Pohjanmaan Yrittäjät

Cheers to the finalists!


End of the Award ceremony

Further Information:

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