The Energy and Innovation Awards competition is open to all companies within the energy industry. The Energy and Innovation Awards 2024 is open for projects that have been completed between January 2023 – December 2023.

All entries must be submitted using the online form. The deadline for entries is 15 February 2024. Incomplete entries will not be considered.

A company is free to enter as many cases as they wish, but a case can only be entered in one category. The categories are:


We are looking for new solutions and/or innovative ways to use digital technologies in changing business models and providing new revenue and value-generating opportunities in the energy sector.


We are looking for new solutions that help the transition to more sustainable energy production, consumption, distribution and/or energy savings. Innovations that help cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, production of waste and unnecessary consumption of material and energy.

Storing and switching of energy

Transition towards more renewable energy production sets new requirements for balancing the energy grid. Energy storage and the switching of energy are essential in this progress. We are looking for new innovative solutions in this sector.

Future of energy

The sky is the limit! How to prepare for increasing energy consumption in developing countries? How to provide distributed energy solutions to urban areas? What kinds of solutions are needed to help the transition towards a more sustainable future?

The entries for the Energy and Innovation Awards will be assessed by a panel of judges which consists of the finalists from Energy & Innovation Awards 2018. The judges are disqualified from judging the cases from the companies they represent and all cases will receive an average score on a scale from 0 to 100.

The judging criteria are: 50% innovation (technology) and 50% impact (scale, commercial viability, benefit to community, benefit to environment).

The shortlist for best cases will be announced in February 2020 on EnergyWeek’s website and they will be listed and described also in the EnergyWeek app.

The Energy and Innovation Awards prize will be awarded to the winning case at EnergyWeek 2024. The Energy and Innovation Awards winner will be widely publicised through the EnergyWeek website, newsletters, social media channels and the media.

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