Teraloop Oy won the Oscar of energy technology – Energy and Innovation Awards 2024

Press release 13.3.2024

The Energy and Innovation Awards were presented on 13 March.

The Awards Jury includes: expert team from Technology Centre Merinova, EnergyVaasa, EnergySpin and Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK led by Marko J Koski, EnergySpin Operations & Partnerships and Kristoffer Jansson, EnergyVaasa Communications & Brand Manager.

Winner of 2024: Teraloop Oy – Frequency control and battery protection with kinetic energy

Teraloop solves the daily power management needs of the energy transition with its patented, modular kinetic electrical energy storage system.

Ancillary markets in Europe are increasingly open to energy storage to maintain the nominal grid frequency; the prevalent technology in this application is LFP-li-ion battery. It is estimated that the current size of the European rapid response ancillary markets, including symmetric and asymmetric, has reached over 7GW. This need is rapidly increasing in size. Participation in fast response ancillary markets is characterized by multiple short peaks of power (microcycles) and high energy throughput.

Participation in these markets leads to accelerated degradation of the battery cells, as a result of the frequency of asset activations.

Colocating flywheel power to LFP li-ion batteries, to act as buffer for the short peaks of power, enables significant increase of the lifetime of the battery asset. This leads to a decrease in the needed additional energy capacity commissioned to address the ancillary markets. Flywheels have a long life time, do not degrade with use, and have class leading efficiency, making them an ideal solution for the ancillary markets.

The reduction in DC oversizing and augmentation reduces the CAPEX investment needs of the battery operator. This leads to an increase in competitiveness of the solution, and an increase in the internal rate of return as validated by MBS.

The People’s Choice 2023:  Danfoss Drives Oy – SISO inverter filter

Sinus in Sinus out filter = SISO. More and more requirements have increased for power quality. One important requirement is to eliminate the effects of common mode phenomena in both grid and motor applications. Danfoss’ patented SISO filter meets these requirements and offers a cost-effective and compact solution compared to traditional alternatives. SISO filters solve challenges associated with paralleling inverter units, long electric motor cables, and hybrid systems including battery storage. The transformer-less SISO solution is superior to the transformer solution regarding cost, size, and weight.

One of the primary advantages of transformerless inverter systems is their compact size. By eliminating the transformer, these inverter systems are significantly smaller and lighter, making installation and maintenance more convenient. The reduced size also leads to cost savings in terms of materials, transportation, and overall system footprint.

A notable advantage is the increased energy efficiency achieved by transformerless inverter solutions. Without the energy losses associated with transformers, these inverters can deliver higher conversion efficiencies, thereby maximizing the amount of energy that is effectively converted into usable electricity. This improved efficiency translates into higher energy yields and greater cost-effectiveness over the lifetime of the system.

For more information, please contact:

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EnergySpin Operations & Partnerships
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Kristoffer Jansson
EnergyVaasa Communications & Brand Manager, Vaasa Region Development Company
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