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Juha Remes

CEO Cyberlab Inc. and Executive Director FISC Business and Cybersecurity board professional and coach

Mr. Juha Remes is currently responsible for FISC operations it’s industry’s owned Cyberlab inc.

FISC is involved in several cyber and information security related projects in Finland and internationally.

Juha Remes has been one of the front runners of security sector in Finland. Juha Remes was CEO of Ubisecure (2008-2013) up to January before taking over FISC position. Ubisecure is the market leader of authentication and external identity management product in Finland. He was Vice President of Professional Services, Valimo Wireless (2001-2008), one of the first security related companies in Finland building and delivering its’ services and solutions widely to financial sector, telecom industry, media and widely to public sector in Nordic and in Europe.  Juha Remes has wide international business experience more than 80 countries in the world (ABB 1993-2000, Ekono Group 1989-1993). Juha Remes has carried several position of trust in IT and cyber security sector in last two decades. He has established books and publications, and he is well-known speaker.