Caverion Industria Oy

Elektroniikkatie 4, 90590 Oulu

“When you combine the strength of the international Caverion group and WiCo’s experience of 10 years in wind power, the driving force behind the equation is the desire to implement sustainable industrial solutions and we continue to serve the industry with state of the art services for  renewable energy.
We want to be involved in creating a more sustainable tomorrow and do our part for the well-being of our environment. We monitor, maintain and inspect wind turbines and wind farms so that they produce their best capacity throughout their entire life cycle.

Caverion provides a full range of services and solutions for the wind industry and control room services for wind power, solar power and substation control, to maximize the energy production of wind parks and minimize the service costs.
Safety is our top priority. With 8 years of experience we offer GWO trainings in Oulu and Seinäjoki. We are forerunners in wind industry maintenance services and provide you with FINAS accredited inspections.

We take care of your assets 8760 hours a year.”