Energyweek 2023 was bigger than ever – seminars were packed with people

EnergyWeek 2023 attracted a record number of visitors to the seminars and exhibitions in Vaasa last week.

– This year, too, EnergyWeek lasted the whole week and became more extensive than before; we had more visitors than ever. This was noticeable even before the event week on Monday when 30% more people had registered than in previous years, says Kristoffer Jansson, EnergyVaasa’s Communications & Brand Manager.

– The rail industry strike affected train services and changed seminar programs because some speakers could not come, but the overall impact on the event became less than we thought. The number of visitors didn’t suffer from the halt in train traffic. EnergyWeek’s content and brilliant seminar programs were so intriguing that visitors began to plan alternative ways to travel here. Many used environmentally friendly carpooling, Jansson continues.

– EnergyWeek is also an excellent example of collaboration and team spirit. I am once again truly impressed by the commitment to our joint event and how the region’s organizations and our partners have tackled challenges and taken opportunities, Jansson praises.

15% Growth

  • Over 7,100 visitors from 44 different countries (2022: 6,200 visitors from over 30 countries).  15% growth.
  • During the week, participants had an opportunity to listen to a total of 160 speakers at 30 different events or seminars (2022: 154 speakers in 31 events)
  • Matchmaking was arranged on four days, and the number of business meetings more than doubled from last year’s 250 to 550 this year
  • The number of foreign visitors doubled from previous years

The objective of EnergyWeek is to bring together experts from the field and offer them new contacts, networks and potential partners. The themes for this year were energy and the environment, wind and renewable energy, gas energy and energy storage. The Oscars of energy technology were once again awarded at Wednesday’s Energy & Innovation Awards competition.

The event will be even better next year

– We must of course always aim to be even better. That’s why we are now collecting the feedback from the audience, organizers and exhibitors. After taking a breather, we’ll start planning for the next EnergyWeek event, says Jansson and continues:

– The seminar programs were very successful this year, as several seminars were sold-out. Of course, this is a positive problem, but given next year, we need to think about how to relieve crowd situations and their effects.

  • EnergyWeek 2023 photo gallery
  • Vaasa EnergyWeek is a five-day event week for the energy sector organized collaboratively by around thirty organizations. EnergyVaasa and Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK are the main coordinators of the event.
  • The next EnergyWeek will be held from 11 to 14 March 2024