Come and visit us at the exhibition during EnergyWeek 11-14 March 2024.

Roofit Solar Energy OÜ

Härgmäe 21, 13525 Tallinn, Estonia

Roofit.Solar is a CleanTech innovator, specializing in BIPV solar roofs. Merging Nordic design with advanced solar technology, our award-winning, durable metal roofs offer an eco-friendly energy solution for homes and heritage buildings, combining aesthetics with functionality.

Roofit.Solar’s unique value lies in its dual-function solar roof modules, blending traditional metal roofing’s durability with high-tech solar cells. Our easy-to-install, weatherproof roofs are ideal for preserving aesthetic integrity, catering to homeowners and historic buildings while advancing towards net-zero goals.

Tuesday 12 March: Wind & Renewable Energy