Energy Regulation

The energy landscape is progressing towards Finland’s long-term objective to be a carbon-neutral society. Renewable energy sources play a vital role in decarbonising energy systems. The regulation concerning the current support schemes for renewable energy is going through significant changes as the new legislative proposal presents a technology-neutral subsidy scheme based on a competitive bidding process with premiums. What does these actions entail in practice and what kind of opportunities and challenges should the industries prepare to face?  Followed by the increased utilisation of biogas, new market players are expected to enter the upcoming liberalised market. How does the future of biogas look like and how will the industry and policymakers respond to the upcoming challenges?

THE ENERGY REGULATION SEMINAR will examine and discuss these themes from an academic, industry and regulatory perspective.

After the seminar we invite you to continue the evening with cocktails accompanied by friends and colleagues from around the energy sector.


The seminar will take place from 9:00 to 16:00 (coffee & registration starting at 8:30) with cocktails and get together until 17:30.

Art Hall (Vaasa City Hall)
Wednesday 21 March

Free of charge


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University of Helsinki

Vaasa Unit of Legal Studies

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Further Information:

Cea Mittler

Project Coordinator, Baltic Connector Oy
tel: +358 40 900 0528

Kim Talus

Professor of European Economic and Energy Law, UEF Law School and Professor of Energy Law, University of Helsinki