Wind Seminar 4: Coping with Intermittent Wind Power

The electricity markets are changing and there is no going back to the old normal. The current situation has expedited the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables, where from the Finnish perspective wind power will be the key to decarbonizing our energy system. As with almost all renewables, they are intermittent and require balancing power to keep the grid functional. It is easy to think that balancing power always needs to be additional generation, but the demand response can be achieved either by additional generation or by dropping demand off the grid. For utilities and large consumers, this is already a common practice but in the future, households are also required to be active participants in the electricity market, which might provide significant savings or even some extra revenue. All this will require a significant amount of new smart technology that is required to be seamlessly integrated and controlled. In this seminar, we will discuss the different approaches to mitigate the intermittency with real-world examples from utilities, innovative market approaches from universities, and how these approaches could be scaled down to the household level.

Music Hall (Vaasa City Hall)
Wednesday 22 March
13:00 - 14:30

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Coping with Intermittent Windpower


Hannu Laaksonen
Professor | School of Technology and Innovations, Electrical Engineering | University of Vaasa

13.00 Public procurement of the innovative energy system

Raine Hermans
Dean | School of Technology and Innovations, University of Vaasa

13.15 Virtual Power Plant in telco-infrastructure

Telecom network is natural location for battery storages. Elisa has turned thousands of mobile sites into virtual power plant with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. How these distributed assets can support our energy system? And what is the role of demand flexibility and batteries to enable intermittent wind power?

Ville Väre
Business Development Director, Smart Energy Solutions | Elisa

13.45 Demand response solutions for households

Jukka Hautala
Senior Lecturer | Unit of Technology, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences

Klo 14.00 Panel Discussion

Mikko Salminen, Head Physical Trading & Operations, Alpiq Finland Oy

Antti Kostiainen, Sales Manager, Hitachi Energy

Ilari Alaperä, Head of Fortum Spring, Fortum

Ville Väre, Business Development Director, Smart Energy Solutions , Elisa Oy

Ossi Koskinen, Principal Lecturer, Smart  Industryplatform Leader, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences


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