Energy transformation

There is a need for adopting transformative technologies and systemic innovation in the energy markets. The governments, for instance, within the EU, are building stringent measures to drive sustainable non-fossil fuel based energy production. The increasing utilization of renewable energy sources are challenging the stability conditions of national grids and their ability to response real-time to the energy demand. The presentations in “Energy Transformation” workshop will introduce us global trends, technology and business implementations on how to run virtual power plants and local micro grids.

Despite the technical capabilities, however, we still lack a standardized vehicle that helps to scale new emerging technologies providing more efficient and sustainable solutions, for instance in energy production, energy storage, and energy usage (demand response). In the panel discussion, we will discuss whether we could develop scalable solutions and operator business in the Nordic energy markets in a similar way to how mobile networks transformed telecom industry.

Meeting Hall (Vaasa City Hall)
Friday 24 March
10:30 - 12:00

Eneryg transformation