Clean energy choices for reaching a resilient and carbon neutral Nordic region

Nordic Energy Research as a catalyst for intensified Nordic collaboration
In this seminar we look into the future of sustainable and resilient clean energy systems in the Nordic countries. Based on three new studies we look at the lessons learned under the present energy crises and discuss how to enforce a resilient energy supply while maintaining fair prices and a shift green transition. The potential pathways to carbon neutrality are discussed, together with challenges, conditions, and opportunities, and how Finland together with the other Nordic countries can strengthen innovative technologies and cooperation.



Moderator: Helena Sarén, Business Finland

12:30 0:10 Welcome and opening remarks on wind/clean energy scenarios Klaus Skytte, Nordic Energy Research
12:40 0:15 Inflation and its social consequences in the Nordic and Baltic countries Bálint Menyhért, European Commission
12:55 0:15 The Nordic Energy Trilemma – Security of Supply, Prices and the Just Transition Marton Leander Vølstad, Nordic Energy Research
13:10 0:15 Co-existence and Nature Inclusive Design in Nordic Offshore Wind Farms Astrid Bratli, Nordic Energy Research
13:25 0:30 What should the Nordics reach together?
Panel discussion
Jari Hyvönen, Wärtsilä
Tuomas Rauhala, Fingrid
Olli Himanen, VTT
13:55 0:05 Closing words Helena Sarén / Klaus Skytte


Helena Sarén | Moderator 

Ms. Sarén is the Head of Zero Carbon Future mission at Business Finland being also a Board member at the Nordic Energy Research. Prior present position she was heading the Smart Energy Finland program which included various fields of energy, namely energy generation, smart grids, batteries, district energy as well as P2X and hydrogen economy. She has over 25 years of strong and comprehensive experience in the international business – starting from the business development at Wärtsilä about 25 years ago with the continuation of extensive consulting career in the fields of internationalization, development financing and investments.  

She holds MSc in Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology. She has also carried out studies at the Helsinki School of Business. 

Klaus Skytte | CEO of Nordic Energy Research

Nordic Energy Research is a regional platform for co-operative energy research and policy development under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers – The main forum for official Nordic co-operation, which involves Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Åland. 

Skytte has a PhD in economics and he has more than 20 years of experience in facilitating cooperation and creating impact within the environment, climate and energy sectors – both within the Nordic region and in an international context.  

Marton Leander Vølstad | Adviser at Nordic Energy Research

Marton holds a MSc in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics from the University of Copenhagen, and a diploma in Social Sciences from Sciences Po Paris. His undergraduate studies combined Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen and Business Administration at the Norwegian School of Economics. He has consulted for international organisations and public sector clients and is a Norwegian-American dual citizen. 

Astrid Bratli | Adviser at Nordic Energy Research

Astrid holds an MSc in international relations from NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Universidad de Valencia, IIT-Delhi – Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and Gothenburg University. She is a programme manager for Nordic Energy Research’s projects focusing on co-use and nature enhancement in Nordic offshore wind farms, and will present the report “Coexistence and nature-inclusive design in Nordic offshore wind”.  

Barlint Menyhert 

Barlint Menyhert is a PhD economist with research experience in the fields of socio-economic analysis, poverty measurement, resilience, monetary macroeconomics and economic history.

Since 2017, he has worked for the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission as a research economist. He has previously worked at the OECD, the Federal Reserve Banks of Boston & New York, and the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority.

Menyhert’s recent work at the JRC focuses on resilience analysis, absolute poverty measurement, household survey microdata analysis, as well as the social and distributional effects of rising inflation and energy prices.

Meeting Hall (Vaasa City Hall)
Wednesday 13 March
12:30 - 14:00

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