Blockchain and Energy Technology

Most well-known use cases of blockchain technology are cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, the foundational technology enabling the cryptocurrencies, provides excellent opportunities way beyond. The most important feature of blockchain is cyber security, enabled by authenticity, transparency, immutable ledgers and the lack of a single point of failure.

Blockchain enabled smart grids are emerging research topic, and provides important aspects towards clean, secure, reliable and smart energy ecosystems. In addition to smart grids, blockchain provides opportunities in the field of energy communities, logistics and supply chains. Blockchains are far more than cryptocurrencies and inefficient energy hoarding public ledgers.

University of Vaasa hosts a seminar session at Energy week on this emerging topic, including speeches from academia and business.




Meeting Hall (Vaasa City Hall)
Tuesday 21 March
12:30 - 14:00

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Rathan Kumar Alagirisamy

Project Coordinator - Digital Economy, University of Vaasa

Tomi Salo

Project Coordinator - Digital Economy, University of Vaasa