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Name of the case: OTDC switch disconnector ”Sunday”



ABB Oy brought DC switching to a whole new level with their OTDC ”Sunday” range. Not only improving the operational voltage from 1000Vdc to 1500Vdc but also minimizing the footprint and improving the arc extinguishing behavior for DC switching. Through optimized design, raw material savings for the production of the switch, compared to its predecessor and competitor products are realized. Also savings in system components are achieved by using OTDC ”Sunday”. Stepping up the operating voltage to 1500Vdc allows the usage of smaller cables and conduits which decreases the amount of materials applied, and so costs by up to 40% for system manufacturers.

By lowering the amount of resources used, this product is directly contributing to sustainability and making energy distribution greener.

Name of the case: High-performance, low cost, safe and sustainable batteries from common, cheap raw materials and environmentally friendly processes



BroadBit has invented and is commercializing a revolutionary high performance family of batteries based on sodium chloride (table salt), SiO2 (sand), C (coal), SO2 (a food preservative and byproduct of petroleum refining) and other common and cheap raw materials, mad with simple and environmentally friendly manufacturing. This technology has 50% more energy per unit cost and 20% more energy per unit mass than existing lithium-ion.  It is the only available battery technology that is high enough performance, low enough cost and has sufficient safety, durability and scalability to finally enable the full electrification of transportation and the massive scaling of intermittent solar, wind and wave energy.

Name of the case: reducing manufacturing costs and improving the environmental footprint of tire and rubber industry



Catalyco is a producer of high surface area zinc oxides for applications in tire and rubber industry, ceramics and glass industry and chemical industry. We offer a unique product with extra high surface area (100 m2/g) and lower impurities comparing to other producers. The production method is based on 30 years’ experience in catalyst production.

Name of the case: The world’s purest and most sustainable water-based batteries



Geyser Batteries is a Finnish startup company that designs and manufactures fast-charging, safe, and ultra-durable batteries with extra-low carbon footprint. Our patented breakthrough electrochemistry based on aqueous electrolytes allows for the unique energy storage behaviour that combines the physical principles of supercapacitors and batteries. Geyser Batteries is being built with a vision that the future is electric, and that electrification shall be sustainable and accountable: it is the full life cycle of an electric solution that counts to make sure that the sum of all the changes it brings creates a positive impact on the planet.

Name of the case: Greenlytics Platform



With the advent of climate change and the rise of renewable energy, the energy system is becoming increasingly weather dependent. The Greenlytics platform is a weather analytics and smart agent platform that simplifies the adoption of artificial intelligence for energy companies. Using the platform, energy companies can develop analytics solutions such as energy forecasting, prediction of weather impact on assets or smart trading agents in the matter of just one day of development. This helps the user iterate on different analytics solutions quicker and more efficiently in order to find one that suits their problem. Dependent on how advanced the user is, they can either use the platform as a pure API, as an development tool or as a drag and drop service with an user interface.

Name of the case: Instagrid portable battery power supply for professional applications



instagrid has developed the world’s most advanced portable power pack to replace highly polluting petrol and diesel generators. instagrid products offer simple, flexible and emission-free access to electric power for professionals on the move.

In many industries, professional workers are dependent on a reliable and simple power supply. instagrid’s robust solution far exceeds the technical specifications and capabilities of what is available on the market today. The company offers grid-like power delivered from a portable source, with solutions for the construction industry, event organisers, gardeners, fire brigades, disaster recovery and humanitarian organisations.

Combining high-power batteries with a unique inverter technology, our system provides grid-like power, while the weight of the device is just 15 kg. Light and compact, it can be carried with only one hand and is truly mobile. It is connected to the internet, supporting professionals in administration and inventory management, e.g. to oversee the charging need. With no need for active cooling the design is waterproof (IP67 rating) and free of maintenance. The re-charge time for the device is 8 hours or less.

Name of the case: Prime Lake



Prime Lake, eco-friendly water treatment solutions for upstream intervention – targeting lakes, reservoirs, ponds and wetlands – underpinned by the idea that water scarcity should be tackled at its source, and allowing for the water body to rehabilitate itself by increasing the level of dissolved oxygen via an aeration method that sustains aquatic life and water quality over time.

Prime Lake Technology is addressing one of the “core” Sustainable Development Goals — Clean Water and Sanitation

Name of the case: 50% reduced emissions from heat and energy production



OBF Technology is an engineering company, improving mature technologies in heat and energy industries. We have an innovative solution to provide fuel savings of about 15-17% and almost complete reduction of NOx emissions and 2 times reduced COx emissions. Technology is applicable to all type of combustion chambers, from big industrial furnace to small boilers and combustion engines.

The problem.

Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are the primary costs for heat and energy production. Reducing these costs is the main goal for heat and energy producers and any other production company, that uses heat in the production process.

Harmful emissions from the combustion of fuels is well knows threat for the ecosystem. Despite the use of various filters and catalysts for exhaust gases, in manufacturing and automotive industry, it is already a major problem for large cities having a large concentration of industrial activities and vehicles, using all types of fuel.

Besides CO2, one of the most harmful emissions of industry and vehicles are the oxides of nitrogen (NO and NO2), which creates photochemical smog. Nitric oxide NO in a certain amount is formed in the furnaces of boilers and cylinders of the internal combustion engine. In the atmosphere NO slowly oxidizes to NO2.

Name of the case: Bipolymer Heat Engine – Recovering industrial waste heat for power generation.



Poligy GmbH develops a technology for recovering industrial low-grade waste heat with the help of BipolymerEngine. This is achieved with the help of an innovative and patented material that bends between temperature ranges of 50-150°C – the Bipolymer. Integrated into a heat engine, this bending effect is used to produce electricity via a generator.

BipolymerEngine is an innovative waste heat recovery technology for application in various industries. The BipolymerEngine technology contributes to an increased energy-efficiency of industrial processes, through energy generation from a to date unused waste heat. Thereby leading to a substitution of energy from other (fossil) sources.

Our history

In 2012 the idea of the bipolymer was born by Martin Huber, one of the co-founders of Poligy. After intensive research and development, first successful prototypes and 2 patents, Poligy GmbH was founded in 2018 by Martin Huber and Artur Steffen.

Name of the case: Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Humidity Multigas Probe MGP261 for Smart Control of Biogas Quality



Vaisala CARBOCAP® MGP261 Multigas Probe for Methane, Carbon Dioxide, and Humidity Measurement is designed for in situ measurements in demanding biogas processing conditions where repeatable, stable, and accurate measurement is essential. MGP261 is Ex certified for use in Ex Zone 0 (parts inserted into process) and Ex Zone 1 (parts outside the process).

Key Benefits
Get more value out of waste
Increase profits through optimizing the process: the compact MGP261 probe can simultaneously measure all three main biogas components — methane, carbon dioxide, and humidity — giving you a full picture of the biogas quality.
Keep operating costs in control
Reduce CHP engine maintenance and downtime through reliable humidity control.
Install in situ
Accurate and reliable Ex certified measurement directly in the process pipeline; easy to install and fits into any system.