DCX: Power / energy efficiency & cooling


  • We deal in DISRUPTIVE technology battling biggest problem in many industries – POWER / ENERGY EFFICIENCY & COOLING. It’s emerging technology, but we are team that already has experience in cooling 3 HPC clusters with 2000 servers. EU is in Big Data and High Performance Computing “arms race” with rest of the world and direct liquid cooling technologies are part of current and future systems.
  • We never used either private or public funding – just starting seed round, but we feel that our technology should be funded as it will change the IT / Big Data / Telecommunication / Blockchain and EV infrastructure.
  • Our products and designs cover all important focus areas: Sustainability / Circular Economy: our solutions allow to reuse over 90% of usually wasted heat Energy Efficiency – for most installation we see 40-50% savings in energy spend! Big Data – technology improves efficiency of gpu chips and processors by 20% so one can compute more Electro Mobility – our designs cover liquid cooled battery packs and liquid cooled charging stations
  • We are part of BDVA & ETP4HPC think tanks focusing on power & cooling areas.

What is the impact of your case:

  • Our open direct liquid cooling systems reduce up to 90% of cooling cost. We are using set of proprietary technologies:
  • Dualphase dielectric and nanoenhanced engineered fluid with 10x better properties than water cooling
  • Direct spray liquid cooling
  • Immersion cooling

How is your case innovative:

  • We deal in disruptive technology of direct heat pickup by latent heat of spray injected evaporating nano enhanced engineered fluid. In full / partial immersion of components or in direct liquid application system.
  • System applies to :
  • Big data / cloud / it datacenter
  • High performance computing systems
  • Electronic vahicles and charging stations (ev charger and car battery pack cooling) Blockchain systems contenerised datacenters / systems