Akkurate Oy: Lithium battery Diagnostics Software as a Service


  • The amount of large lithium batteries is increasing exponentially. Large lithium battery packs are consisting of thousands of cells which connected in series / parallel to form tens or hundreds of modules. Lithium battery aging is not linear, cells are not homogenous. Additionally usage conditions has significant impact on degradation. Battery vendors do not provide decent data about batteries.
  • Akkurate Oy is developing the most advanced battery diagnostics software that provides detailed, real time and independent data about degradation of cells and modules. Diagnostics software utilize measurement data from Battery Management System (BMS) of the battery pack. Measurement data is transferred to cloud and further crunched by back-end software (protected). Battery state of health (SOH), estimated remaining lifetime and other important information is reported to customer by using front-end software and / or web application. Depending on customer, service or license agreement can be used.
  • In addition to SOH definition and lifetime estimation, diagnostics software helps to extend battery lifetime by giving guidance for operation and it guarantees longer top performance by giving early notice for preventive maintenance as module replacement. Further it helps to improve safety by detecting cell internal short circuit before it happens (patent pending). Diagnostics software is also valuable tool for investment management helping to define the residual value of the battery.

What is the impact of your case:

  • Our diagnostics software helps the transition towards a more sustainable future by advising the most efficient way to use large li-ion batteries and cut down on production of waste and unnecessary use of materials by identifying cells for recycling and re-use when li-ion batteries reach end of life.

How is your case innovative:

  • Our diagnostics software service brings over a hundreds years of Lithium battery experience and advanced analytics available for all companies.