Energy and Innovation Awards is the hall of fame of cases!

The first annual Energy & Innovation Awards was a success!

The Jury chose the winner Virta for their case Virta Home electric vehicle home charging service. People’s Choice trophy was handed out to WE Tech & The Switch for their case Permanent magnet shaft generator. Congratulations to the winner and all the fantastic finalists!

Are you the winner of 2019?

If you have an interesting, impactful and innovative energy case from 2017 or 2018, you have a chance of winning the Energy & Innovation awards trophy in the award ceremony, which takes place on March 19th 2019. Sign up until December 31st!


Tommi Linnankoski from Virta Ltd. got the trophy from the Chairman of the Jury Niklas Wägar.

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The Jury of 2018

The Jury of 2019 will be announced shortly!

Mathias Grädler

Innovation Director, Wapice

Mathias Grädler is Innovation Director at Wapice helping companies to innovate and transform into digital champions. Mathias is a renown Internet of Things, Smart Cities and Smart Energy expert, conference speaker and inventor. He holds an executive MBA in Energy Business from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, and a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from University of Applied Sciences, Vaasa.


Jyrki Hirviniemi

Product Manager, VEO Oy

Jyrki works at VEO as a Product Manager responsible for low voltage switchgears.

He  has over twenty years of experience in the field of low voltage and medium voltage switchgears.


Mikko Pieskä

Energy Expert, Vaasan Sähkö Oy

Mikko works as an energy expert at Vaasan Sähkö, specifically for district heat. Mikko has over 10 year experience from energy use in buildings. In the past Mikko has been working for university, rapidly growing SME in renewable sector and technology center. Mikko is MSc from University of Vaasa.

Niklas Wägar

Director, Technology & Product Management, Wärtsilä

Niklas Wägar is Director of Wärtsilä Energys Solutions’ Engine Power Plant, Technology & Product Management. The entire turn-key power plant solution from engines through auxiliaries to the wires is developed with his team of experts. He is a Global Smart Power Generation Ambassador and has been working with Energy challenges and opportunities since 1995 and was previously responsible for the R&D activities, roadmaps and strategies related to Electrical & Automation concepts.


Krish Sankaran

Founding Director of the Radical Innovations Group.

Sankaran, a Swiss national, has lived and worked in eight countries in three continents. He has visiting professorships in ETH Zurich, Switzerland and the Indian Institute of Technology – IIT Bombay, India. He is the Founder-CEO of a Swiss-based R&D venture named Prajñālaya (in Sanskrit meaning the Temple of Energy). He works in the domain of energy technologies and energy business innovations. Particularly, he has been active in the areas of energy harvesting, conversion, and storage, energy modelling and developing energy and infrastructure public private partnerships.


Anna-Kaisa Valkama

Program Director, Technology Center Merinova

Anna-Kaisa leads development projects and is responsible for the preparation of the comprehensive energy projects. She has an extensive network, both internationally and nationally, and is particularly versed in electrical engineering.

EnergyWeek 2019 schedule

  • Topics:
  • 9 - 10
  • 10 - 11
  • 11 - 12
  • 12 - 13
  • 13 - 14
  • 14 - 15
  • 15 - 16
  • 16 - 17
  • 17 - 18
  • 18 - 19

Festival Hall

12 - 16
Energia- & Ympäristöseminaari

Music hall

11 - 13
Renewable Energy seminar, part 1
14 - 15
Renewable Energy seminar, part 2
9 - 11
Opening of EnergyWeek

Art Hall

17 - 18
Energy & Innovation Awards
14 - 16
VES Digitalization Hackathon
9 - 11
Circular Economy 1
12 - 13
Circular Economy 2

City hall

10 - 18
Energy Match

Music hall

10 - 12
Future city seminar
12 - 14
Future Grid seminar

Art Hall

13 - 15
The Smart Technology Hub – A Place for Co-creation and Collaboration
16 - 18
The Research Exhibition of Energy
9 - 11
GigaVaasa event

City hall

10 - 16
Sales opportunities for Finnish companies

Music hall

10 - 15
Gas Exchange Seminar

Art Hall

9 - 11
Engine technology seminar, part 1
14 - 15
Engine technology seminar, part 2
12 - 13
Gas Regulation